Summer Breeze

Signing session at Summer Breeze

Damen und Herren! We will do a signing-session at the on Summer Breeze at 17:50 on Friday.

Bring your good festival-mood, your smartphones (you need cool photos) and your cd-booklets/LP’s and we will prepare for the show at 20:30 together with YOU!

The have promised us plenty of beer, guess we’ll see you there? Prooooost!?

Vreid at Summer Breeze 2018

Ladies and gents, Damen und Herren!! Friday we will return to the magnificent Summer Breeze Festival!

We will perform on the Camel Stage @ 20:30, giving you a mix of the old classic & also new and EXCLUSIVE songs from our upcoming album «Lifehunger»!

See you there m*****f*****s!! ?