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A forum has now been added to the Vreid site. Klick here to check it out!

Immortal Tribute / New Album

Vreid have confirmed that they will participate on the forthcoming Immortal Tribute album. The album will be released by Greek label Townsend Avalanche Music. Bands participating are Vreid, Keep of Kalessin, Seth, Sunn o))), Endwarfment, Enthroned etc… Vreid have already recorded their version of the song “As the Eternity Opens” from the legendary album Pure …

Merchandise, festival and new album

Vreid merchandise is available worldwide. In Norway you can purchase the Vreid merchandise at the stores Linkcenter in Sogndal (www.linkcenter.no) and Wolf’s Lair (www.wolfslair.no) in Oslo. For orders outside of Norway, order directly from our official merchandise distributor Razamataz (www.heavymetalonline.co.uk/razamataz/) Vreid are confirmed to play at Motstøy festival in Notodden the 3rd of September 2005. …


Vreid merchandise are still not available at this homepage, but it will soon be. In the meantime you can order merchandise at www.razamataz.co.uk.


Added a couple of pictures from Vreid’s performance at the Infernofestival 2005.


The homepage has been updated with quite a few live reviews from Vreid’s tour and the Infernofestival.


Added a couple of pictures of Vreid and Enslaved from their appearance in Aarhus 16.03. Check out the picture section.


Added some pictures from their gig in Paris 22.02. Check out the picture section.


Three weeks on the road and still alive After a horrible start with the ultimate shitty tour-bus, things got better when we got a new luxurious night-liner after the show in Rosenheim. Our new bus driver Tony Adams provided us with the best facilities since we left Norway. Unfortunately all of Vreid got serious ill …


Harleem, London, Iron & Milano have been added to the european tourlist. Check out the gig section for tourdates.