Vreid ready for Wacken Open Air

Vreid returns to the mothership of summer festivals; Wacken open air in Germany.Vreid will perform on friday the 31th of july. Detailed info will follow at www.wacken.comThe festivals 70 000 tickets are allready sold out. Bands such as Motorhead, Amon Amarth, In Flames….are confirmed

Home from the Pestilence tour.

Another european tour is done. We had a great 14 days traveling over Europe with the legends of Pestilence. The dutch death metal squad proved to be back in shape, and fine travel company. Shows in Munich, Pinarella, Sienna, Vosselaar, London & Paris were highlights of the tour.

Major Vreid update!

Vreid with new album / Live in the US, Germany, Ireland & Norway this autumn / Studio report available.

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.
Leonard Cohen was onto something, but Vreid take the opposite route.
Vreid will participate at the CMJ Music & Film Marathon Festival in New York in the end of October. This is one of the most prestigious American music events. Vreid will present their brand new album Milorg, and will do 2 concerts. The concerts will take place at 22 of October at 88 Palace, this is a Vice Magazine showcase. They will also play at the Knitting Factory on October 25th, this is a part of the official CMJ program. More info on these shows will follow.

The mixing of Milorg is now finished, and within the next week the album will be mastered. Berlin is the place where Milorg will be presented for European press, music industry & fans at the Popkomm festival in Berlin. There Vreid will also be doing a concert at the Indie Recordings Labelnight on October the 9th at K17.

Heading west:
Vreid will do their first ever live appearances on the green Ireland in November. On November the 7th they will play at Cruiscin lan in Cork supported by the following bands: Siorai geimhradh, Na damanta & Diabolus. Fibber Mcgees in Dublin will host a Vreid concert the following day, Saturday the 8th. In Dublin Vreid is supported by: Sorrowfall, Nocturnal holocaust & Days of night

Reports from the front:
Dutch Archaic Magazine is the first outsiders that have heard the Milorg album. “ A major step forward” / ”The strength of Milorg is that Vreid uses many new influences, ranging from extreme black metal on to more progressive metal” / “Milorg” is destined to become a classic in Norwegian metal” are some of the quotes. The whole story will be posted on http://www.archaic-magazine.com/ soon.

On these links below you can get a little video preview of the recording of Milorg.


Popkomm & Album title revealed

Good evening.

Just want to thank the organizer and the audience at Party San for a fantastic experience. The festival was brilliant, and playing in front of 9000 dedicated persons gåve us one hell of a kick. Check out some pictures from the show at our
myspace site.

We will return to Germany quite soon. On October the 9th we will play at K17 in Berlin. On this Indie recordings labelnight show we will be joined by our friends in Enslaved, Audrey Horne, Stonegard and Mencea. Www.k17.de This show is a part of the Popkomm festival, Europe’s main music trade festival www.popkomm.de

Besides that we are confirmed for the Motstoy festival in Notodden 2 days later. www.motstoy.com. We are also considering a couple of other shows for 2008, and unfortunaly we have had to say no to several other shows, as our main focus these days is to finish up the new album. But we can assure you that Vreid will be doing a lot of shows in 2009.

The recordings of the new album are more or less finished. We will continue the mixing during August/September, and we are currently trying out different mastering studios for the album. Things are going really well, and we can’t wait to unleash the album in early 2009. Black, Heavy & Atmospheric are the keywords.

The title of the album has been ready for a while; so we might as well reveal it. The new album will be entitled MILORG. So those of you that know your WW2 history will understand that we continue to pay tribute to the Norwegian resistance during this period. Milorg is the title of one of the songs on the album, while Alarm & Blücher is among the others.

Allright, hope to see you at the shows this autumn, and we will be feeding you with samples, artwork, song titles etc during the autumn.

The Brigade.

New festival confimed..

Vreid is confirmed to play at the Motstøy festival 2008. The festival will take place at Sliperihallen / Notodden/ Norway 10/11 october. More info will follow at www.motstoy.com.

Hail Ragnarõek

We would like to thank the fantastic crowd at Ragnarôk for a very warm welcome at the festival. Entering the scene at midnight in front of 5000 enthusiastic metalheads was a killer feeling. Unfortunately we were cursed by some technological problems concerning a projector/computer that broke down, a fucked up bass amp/cables, and some stage properties that were lacking. Frustrating shit, but nothing we could do anything about. Nevertheless, the show was a fantastic experience for us, and we hope to play at this excellent festival again on a later occasion.

The Brigade.

Btw: Our last copies of the I Krig vinyl were sold out at the show. Check your local dealer for a copy, as there is none left or shipping.

Vreid signing session at Ragnarôek Festival

Vreid will be doing a signing session at the Ragnarôek Festival held in Lichtenfelts/Gemany.
The signing session will be at the venue 19.30-20.00 on Saturday the 29th of March.

The limited edition of the I Krig vinyl will be available at the Vreid merchandise stand on the Saturday of the festival. Vreid will enter the stage at 00.00, time schedule can be found here.

We are very much looking forward to the show, and to see the hordes of metalheads from all over the world united once again.

The Brigade