London show will be put up again.

Hello.Getting an sms from the flightcompany last Thursday saying that our flight to London cancelled due to a vulcanic eruption, made me wonder if they hade moved aprils fool day. But as you all know, this was not a joke at all. Unfortunally our showcase in London was cancelled, but the good news is that the show will be set up again this autumn.With no flights avaliable last week, we went directly from the airport to the ferry in Oslo. We got a place on the boat for Germany, so we did not have to cancel the other shows as well last weekend. It became a long trip for 2 shows, but sure are happy we made it, as the show at Royal Metal Fest i Denmark was absolutley killer. Now we are preparing for the shows next week with our special guest Vegard Bakken, this is going to be some very cool shows.See you next week.The Brigade.

Equipment for sale

We have been rebuilding our studio and have the following equipment

London show April 15th.

Vreid will play at the The Lexington in London on Thursday April 15th. performance is at a Nordic Club Concept called Ja, Ja, Ja with a monthly show. In April the focus is on Metal. Editor of UK’s Metal Hammer Magazine has picked out 3 Nordic bands that he wants to perform this night. From Norway he choose Vreid, who will also be the the last band of the night. Other bands that were selected is Solstafir from Island and Thunderstone from Finland.The show is supported by Music Export Norway, and you can get more info about it at these links:

New shows in Holland, Germany & Switzerland

We are happy to announce 3 more shows for first half of spring 2010.On April 16th we will play at Turock in Essen, Germany togheter with Nactmystium + support.Shows with special guest:On 29th of April we will be playing at W2 in Den Bosch, Holland, and on the 1th of May we will play Fiesta Pagana Festival in Switzerland: both these shows + the show at the Ragnarok festival we will be joined by a special guest for some of the songs. More info on this will follow later.


Vreids bass player, main composer and owner of Studio 1184; Hv

Vreid at Bylarm

Vreid have been confirmed for the Bylarm Festival 2010 in Oslo. Vreid will headline

Vreid to headline Festival in Croatia.

Vreid will be one of the headliners at the Jotunheim Festival at Mocvara in Zagreb, Croatia on Saturday June the 19th. The veneue was packed with dedicated fans when we played there with Moonspell & Enslaved 5 years ago, and we hope for another great show this