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Added a couple of pictures from Vreid’s performance at the Infernofestival 2005.


The homepage has been updated with quite a few live reviews from Vreid’s tour and the Infernofestival.


Added a couple of pictures of Vreid and Enslaved from their appearance in Aarhus 16.03. Check out the picture section.


Three weeks on the road and still alive

After a horrible start with the ultimate shitty tour-bus, things got better when we got a new luxurious night-liner after the show in Rosenheim. Our new bus driver Tony Adams provided us with the best facilities since we left Norway.

Unfortunately all of Vreid got serious ill sleeping in the infested bus the so called Vikings Enslaved provided. But as soon as the stereo farting of Seg-Cato and Fet-Grutle from Poland had reached its climax the conditions were so horrific that a new bus had to be required.

Germany had its ups and downs with Jena and Hamburg being the highlights. The next stop was Holland and its famous ShoffeCups. Hooking up with the Dutch fans was great. Special thanks to Metalhammer journalist Gunnar Sauerkraut for trying to infect Vreid once again with his so called brew – Whiskey. The infamous Whiskey lovers of Enslaved: Herbrand Kråkevik, Ivar Medås, Arve Oppsal, Cato Zahl Pedersen and Sulfest Grutle were horrified.

The London and Paris shows where fantastic….so far the highlight of the tour.

After playing Rennes Vreid did four shows in Spain before having a well deserved 2 days off in Barcelona.

More to follow…

Some tour pictures.


Harleem, London, Iron & Milano have been added to the european tourlist. Check out
the gig section for tourdates.


Added some pictures taken by Grindheim from Vreids first concerts. There are also added info on the member section.


European Tour confirmed!

It is with great delight we can announce that Vreid will do a European tour with
Enslaved in 2005. The tour will kick off at the 9th of February in Copenhagen, and
will og on for 6 weeks all across Europe.

The tour is being booked in a corporation between TikTak & BureauStorm. So far 22
shows have been confirmed, and the tour dates will be completed within a few weeks.
Check out the gig section for tour dates.


The page has been updated with lots of great reviews on “Kraft,” and there are added some new pictures from their tours as well.