Hail Ragnarõek

We would like to thank the fantastic crowd at Ragnarôk for a very warm welcome at the festival. Entering the scene at midnight in front of 5000 enthusiastic metalheads was a killer feeling. Unfortunately we were cursed by some technological problems concerning a projector/computer that broke down, a fucked up bass amp/cables, and some stage properties that were lacking. Frustrating shit, but nothing we could do anything about. Nevertheless, the show was a fantastic experience for us, and we hope to play at this excellent festival again on a later occasion.

The Brigade.

Btw: Our last copies of the I Krig vinyl were sold out at the show. Check your local dealer for a copy, as there is none left or shipping.

Vreid signing session at Ragnarôek Festival

Vreid will be doing a signing session at the Ragnarôek Festival held in Lichtenfelts/Gemany.
The signing session will be at the venue 19.30-20.00 on Saturday the 29th of March.

The limited edition of the I Krig vinyl will be available at the Vreid merchandise stand on the Saturday of the festival. Vreid will enter the stage at 00.00, time schedule can be found here.

We are very much looking forward to the show, and to see the hordes of metalheads from all over the world united once again.

The Brigade

I Krig Vinyl

The I Krig album has been released on vinyl recently. It was printed in a limited 500 copies version, which is now almost sold out. You have your chance to get a copy at the “Indie Rec Labelnight” at John Dee in Oslo on the 19th of March, or at the merch stand at the Raganarôek Festival in Lichtenfelts on the 30th of March.

The Brigade

Hello people!!

We have had a 3 months live-break since the fantastic “Winter Europe Tour”. The time has been spent working on pre-prods for album IV. In May we kick of the recording sessionswith a week of skin bashing by Sgt. Steingrim.

But next Wednesday, the 19th of March, we are back in the saddle. We will play at “Indie Recordings Labelnight”. The show will be held at John Dee in Oslo, the night before the Inferno festival. We will be joined by our excellent label mates: Keep of Kalessin, In Vain, Red Harvest & Audrey Horne. The tickets available are very limited, so make sure you will get yours in good time. Vreid will play second last, and will enter the stage at 22.30. Check out the complete time schedule at:

Allright, see you soon.

The Brigade.

Past & Future!

Good new year to everyone.

2007 was a fantastic year for Vreid. In the spring we released I Krig, our 3rd album. The response from fans, media and other interested was amazing, and judging from sales, I Krig is our greatest success so far. We sure enjoyed doing our first US show at the Heathen Crusade festival, and the Ragnarok festival in March in front of 3500 people was fantastic. During the year we also got great response at Metal camp in Slovenia, and 3 great Norwegian festivals; Hits, Metal Heart & Støy.

Nevertheless the highlight of 2007 was the Winter Europe tour with Marduk & Unleasehed. Those 2 bands proved every night why they are living legends of the metal scene. Horns up to our Swedish comrades. The tour was perfectly organized courtesy of the professional Massive Music & their crew. The tour visited 13 countries, and more than 10000 people attended these shows. We would like to say thanks and hail to all those who came to the show and supported us, you made these shows atmospheric and fantastic for us. See you again soon. Check out our tour report at our Myspace, if you are interested in reading more about the tour:

2008 will be another productive year for Vreid: 4 festivals have already been confirmed In March we will return to the Ragnarok festival in Lichtenfels, Germany. The audience was brilliant last year, so we sure are looking forward to this one. On the 25th we are doing our first show in Haugesund, Norway. We will play the annual Karmøygeddon festival with bands like Kreator, Taake & Finntroll, to name a few. The 18th of July we are doing our first outdoor show in Austria, playing at the Kaltenbach festival, located in the beautiful countryside of Austria. In August we are proud to announce that we will play at the legendary Party San festival in Germany, other bands confirmed are; Obituary, Impaled Nazarene, Behemoth, Kampfar….More shows will be added as we get them confirmed.

We have also started working on album nr 4. Some ideas have been recorded, and the frames for 6-7 songs are ready. We will continue working on the new material during the winter, and hopefully we will start the recordings during the summer. Our plan is an early 2009 release, but we will let you know as things develop. My impression so far is that this will a blacker & more atmospheric album, but it will definitively be build on the foundation that we have made with our previous 3 albums.

Allright, that all for now.

The Brigade.

Winter Tour 2007: Munich instead of Ingolstadt!!!

We regret to inform that previously announced show in Ingolstadt (11.12) has been moved to Munich, Metropolis Club due to some organizational issues. To get more info about the show in Munich, the location and so on you should get in touch with the new promoter- Bianca ( Massive Music would like to apologize all the fans for this unforeseen change. As it was announced a few days ago, the show in France (7.12) will take place in Montauban n/Toulouse, at Le Rio Grande. Check out the tour schedule and don’t forget to update your bookmarks.

Winter Europe Tour

On Friday the train roles on, or rather the bus we might say;-) Stockholm is the first destination, and we are really looking forward to that, since it actually is our first show in Sweden. “Dunder, snus & lurviga ljuder”.

Next stop is Oslo rock city. Note that it is an early start at the show there!!!
Club Maiden open the doors at 20.00, and Vreid will enter the stage 20.45.

We will try to keep you posted here and on our myspace site, with info that might accour for the shows.

Allright, looking forward to seeing you all soon, and in meantime you can enjoy this little trip down memonry lane (youtube), from the european tour with Enslaved last autumn.

The brigade

New booking partners!

We are proud to announce a new booking partner for the Norwegian territory, and also a booking partner worldwide. All Norwegian booking will now og through JS Artist. Our booking agent at JS Artist is Geir Tore Grinde:

We are from now on also working with Icon Music Agency. For booking request oustide of Norway you can contact Icon Music Agency at:

Also you can contact us directly at with booking releated questions.

At this link. You can find Warwicks profile on Hváll, who has signed a full endorsment deal with Warwick bass & amplifiers.

Allready 2008 is looking to be an active year for Vreid. We are confirmed for 3 great festivals, and are negotiating with several others as we speak. As soon as the festivals themselves announce the line-up, we will announce it here as well. We are now preparing and very much looking forward to the Winter Europe tour 2007. See you on the road next month.

The Brigade

A lot of great updates from the Vreid camp!

Live attack:
On Friday the 12th of October we will perform our first show in Trondheim. Blæst is the place, and the show will be supported by Iskald & Irr. The following Friday, 19.10, we will do our first show in our hometown Sogndal since the release of I KRIG. Meieriet is the venue, and the Stoy Festival is the great event ( On the 2nd of November we will kickstart the first festival of the legendary Norwegian Scream Magazine. This annual event will take place at Betong in Oslo (

Come November and we are once again ready to embark on a full European tour. We can surely promise you that we are fired up and ready to present the I KRIG album across Europe this winter. The brigade is in better shape than ever, and we are ready to unleash hell!

US & Russia release:
After the excellent response I KRIG has achieved in Europe, it is great to know that the album has been licensed to both the US & Russian territory. On October the 2nd Candlelight Records released I KRIG in the US, while the album will be out in Russia in November by Fono Music.

Vinyl edition:
For the first time a Vreid album will be available on vinyl. I KRIG will be released in a 500 limited edition print, and will be available from the start of the European tour.