Kraft has been out one month in Norway, and 2 weeks in Europe now, and the response has been tremendous. Reviews and interviews will be posted soon. Vreid did a successful Norwegian tour with Enslaved in October, and they were very satisfied with the tour.

Next chance to see Vreid live is Friday the 12th of November at John Dee Oslo. Vreid will be playing the Wolfs Lair 5 year anniversary. Other bands playing will be Moonsorrow, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Lunaris, Throne Of Katarsis etc… Every Norwegian Metalhead should attend at this festival to support one of the real Norwegian metal underground heroes, The Wolfs Lair General; Panzernissen!


Vreid release


Due to problem with printing of the album, the Norwegian release of KRAFT has been postponed with 1 week. KRAFT will be released Monday the 11th of October 2004.

New website

Here it is. The official Vreid website. Vreid have signed a 3 album deal with Tabu Recordings. The debut album entitled Kraft is set for Norwegian release 04.10 and worldwide release the 18th of October under exclusive license to Candlelight records. Vreid are already booked for 5 Norwegian shows in October/November (check the gig section for details). The first review from of “Kraft” has already arrived. Check the review section for Dutch Vampire Magazine’s response on Vreid. At the download section you can download the complete version of the song “Raped by light” from the Kraft album for free. Browse around