One Hundred Years

Soon we can finally unleash «Lifehunger»! We are so damn satisfied and proud of this album, and thank you for the fantastic response for the 2 first singles. There are much more to come, the album have a lot of variations with instrumentals, a very different track in «Hello Darkness» with Addi from Solstafir on guest vocals and some brutal stuff of course. But now we present you what we think is one of the absolute highlights of the album.

«The song «One hundred years» is one of these songs that you do in your career where you feel that every puzzle matches, and everything just add up. It’s hard to describe it, and frankly the magic of music can never be described, so I won’t even try. I have had this feeling a few times before with songs such as «Pitch Black» and «Solverv» to name a few, and this is the feeling I always chase as a composer. Lyrically this songs is completly inspired by the words and the myth of the spectacular Knut Hamsun. Some things are eternally»

– Jarle «Hváll» Kvåle / The Brigade –