Major Vreid update!

Vreid with new album / Live in the US, Germany, Ireland & Norway this autumn / Studio report available.

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.
Leonard Cohen was onto something, but Vreid take the opposite route.
Vreid will participate at the CMJ Music & Film Marathon Festival in New York in the end of October. This is one of the most prestigious American music events. Vreid will present their brand new album Milorg, and will do 2 concerts. The concerts will take place at 22 of October at 88 Palace, this is a Vice Magazine showcase. They will also play at the Knitting Factory on October 25th, this is a part of the official CMJ program. More info on these shows will follow.

The mixing of Milorg is now finished, and within the next week the album will be mastered. Berlin is the place where Milorg will be presented for European press, music industry & fans at the Popkomm festival in Berlin. There Vreid will also be doing a concert at the Indie Recordings Labelnight on October the 9th at K17.

Heading west:
Vreid will do their first ever live appearances on the green Ireland in November. On November the 7th they will play at Cruiscin lan in Cork supported by the following bands: Siorai geimhradh, Na damanta & Diabolus. Fibber Mcgees in Dublin will host a Vreid concert the following day, Saturday the 8th. In Dublin Vreid is supported by: Sorrowfall, Nocturnal holocaust & Days of night

Reports from the front:
Dutch Archaic Magazine is the first outsiders that have heard the Milorg album. “ A major step forward” / ”The strength of Milorg is that Vreid uses many new influences, ranging from extreme black metal on to more progressive metal” / “Milorg” is destined to become a classic in Norwegian metal” are some of the quotes. The whole story will be posted on soon.

On these links below you can get a little video preview of the recording of Milorg.