Album released + new reviews

Finally the album is out there, in Norway that is anyway. The rest of you have to wait until June the 4th. The response has been very satisfying. A lot of great feedback from you people, which is much appreciated.

This time it also seems that a brother horizon of the media is interested in our work. As you can read in the link below, the album will be presented on National Radio tomorrow. Last week we did an interview with NTB (Norway’s main news agency), this has spread the word about the release to all Norwegian media. TV2 Nettavisen gåve it 5/6 and stated that “this is definately the most positive surprising metal album this year”. Plan B , Eternal Terror and Scream magazine also gåve I Krig 5/6, and Scream reports that “this is an album full of classic black metal with an folkloric ambience”, while Norwegian major newspaper Aftenposten describes it as “a successful mix of poetries and musikal rage, and states that “you can sense the atmosphere of Norwegian nature in these songs”.

We will post more reviews and feedback as soon as we get them. In the meantime enjoy the album!!

The Brigade