Vreid sign with Indie Recordings + Album update

Since we left Tabu last summer, we have discussed contracts with several labels. We are now very pleased to tell that our new working partner is norwegian Indie Recordings! We can truly say we have ended up working with the people we want to work with!

Indie Recordings is a in-house metal-label under Indie Distribution; norways biggest distributor of metal. The label is formed by the same people who originally founded Tabu Recordings. More info can be found on their website: http://www.indiedist.no/

Our new album I KRIG ( AT WAR ) is almost finished. The finishing touch from mastermind Lars Klokkerhaug ( Sub Sonic Society ) is being done as we speak, and we must say that we are very, very satisfied with the result! This is undoubtfully the best Vreid-album so far!!

Tracknames and coverart for I KRIG will be revealed on this web-site in a couple of weeks.

The Brigade