The third album is rising

The second weekend of November we started the recordings of our third album. Steingrim spend 4 intense days of beating the hell out of his drum kit, and what a job he did. He has always been a great drummer, but on this album he did his best job so far. He made all the songs come alive, and that is before any other instruments were recorded.

Next step was rhythm guitars. Both Sture and Stig has laid down groovy rhythms for all songs by now. Intense, sharp and heavy are the keywords to describe their recordings sessions. Both had done their homework very well, so as soon as we had set the sound, the recordings themselves went quite fast.
Next up is the bass guitar. I will start this process soon, and will be using the rest of December to test a lot of stuff. Pretty exited this time as I have brand new equipment to pulverize. I recently sigend a deal with Warwick amps and bass guitars. The amp is tested and sounds killer, while I still am awaiting my custom made bass guitar. In the beginning of 2007 we will be doing vocals, lead guitars and some guest appearances. Mixing is set to the middle of February.

The lyrics will be something quite different this time. It will be a concept album, where the topic is the occupation of Norway during WW2. All lyrics will be based on a poem collection made by Gunnar Reiss Andersen. Andersen is a well-known Norwegian author, and his collection is one of the greatest descriptions of Norwegian resistance during WW2. The lyrics will be translated to Nynorsk, but the content will be kept true to its orgin, to honour these great words by the legendary poet that passed away in 1964.

Since leaving Tabu this summer, we have been discussing contracts with a lot of labels this autumn. Several labels have shown interest and offered Vreid contract, some have been very good and positive, while other has revealed the grim face of the label industry. Nevertheless, all this interest in Vreid has ofcouse been much appreciated, and we are now very pleased to tell that we have found our new working partner. We have agreed with our new label to wait until January to reveal our collaboration, but we can truly say we eneded up working with the people we wanted to work with.

Name of label, albumtitle and artwork will all be revealed in January. Until then I will lock myself up in the studio again, and if not earlier, you will hear from me again in early in 2007.