Vreid update and tour report

Hail comrades!

Sorry for this late update, but things have been very hectic lately.

First of all, a big salute to everyone who attended to the shows at the European tour. You made this tour splendid for Vreid. A special hail to the audience of London, Tilburg, Paris, Berlin and Maribor. Dedication, intensity and havoc were much appreciated.

The tour went really smooth thanks to our travel comp(onions), and drinking brothers of Enslaved, a great crew, and last but not least the fact that we got to do the bigger parts of the tour in our own excellent double nightliner! A good night/day sleep can not be underestimated while touring. The fact that we also got to expand the cultural, rural, food and drinking horizon of our stubborn Norwegian farm minds were also very satisfactory.
Visit at the Louvre, barbeque in the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia, the impressive road taverns (courtesy of our infamous driver; the Wolfman), walkabout in the historical jungle of Berlin, Oktoberfest in Munich and the majestic sights of Budapest made this a fulfilling tour in every way.

Since the last tour we saw that there is rapidly growing fan base for Vreid out there. This is of course inspiring and satisfactory for us. But let us not stop there, the planning for 2007 shows have started, and some shows has already been booked for Germany and a first visit to the US, check out the gig section. To make sure Vreid will play near you or at you favorite festival, let the bookers know you want Vreid by sending them e-mails or telling so at their forums, this does indeed make a difference!!

During the summer we decided we wanted to work with a new label for the release of the third album. Since the word came out the interest has been tremendous. We have used the autumn to look at different options, and we hope to announce our new label partner within the next weeks.

The recording of the next album will actually start real soon, and we promise to keep you updated on the new album, label, concerts etc… In the meantime; check out the updated picture gallery.

That’s all for now lads.

Cheers! Hváll