We have joined forces with our friends in SÓLSTAFIR for a unique and spectacular event! On October 15 we will unveil a collaborative concert-stream in which we will transport viewers right from their living rooms to the breath-taking mountaintops of our respective homelands.

The performance is free to watch, but generous fans may donate as they wish via VIPPS and PayPal. The stream will air live at 3:00 P.M. EST // 19:00 GMT // 21:00 CET via the Season of Mist YouTube Channel and members from both bands will be in the chat!

Tune in on the stream:

Join the Facebook event here:

The ACROSS project is a cinematic experience that brings two unique artists together to share their cultural identities and bridge the sea between the two fjords. Spectacular views of the Storehogen Mountain in VREID’s hometown of Sogndal, Norway and of Hellisheiði in SÓLSTAFIR’s native Iceland lay the majestic backdrop for this one-of-a-kind, 90-minute long digital streaming event. Each band’s signature sound rings through the cavernous expanse, creating a symbiotic musical dialog that can be heard from across the globe.

SÓLSTAFIR’s Aðalbjörn Tryggvason comments: “Playing live music in sideways rain on moss grown lava. They wanted something Icelandic. Doesn’t get any more Icelandic than this.”VREID songwriter and bass player Jarle Kvåle adds: “SÓLSTAFIR’s and VREID’s stories are two parallel stories of the north. In this weird world, our paths have crossed on several occasions and this time they have merged into something new. This is the third streaming event VREID has done, and in many ways, it represents the end of a trilogy for us. This time we have recorded the show in a place very special for us, probably the most monumental and iconic place of our beloved home region of Sogn. Join us as we go ‘Into the Mountains.’”

Vreid norgesturne hausten 2021

Billettar i salg her: https://www.vreid.no/tickets

Radio Rock, Tons of Rock og Indie Recordings presenterer en vanvittig hardrock turnepakke som skal sparke Norge ut av pandemi dvalen. Nå skal konsertscenene atter riste, riffene skal dundre ut og alt skal skrues opp til 11.  Vreid er brennaktuelle med sitt nye mesterverk Wild North West og tar med seg Djerv som special guest og The New Deathcult som support.

Vreid har med «Wild North West» levert sitt magnum opus.  Presse nasjonalt og internasjonalt har kasta toppkarakterar etter albumet og bandet har fronta fleire bransjeblader og nådd TV nyheitene heime. Albumet er eit heilt unikt prosjekt som er gitt ut saman med ein film til albumet. Filmen blei sett av over 60 000 i premierehelga. Medan verden har vore stengt har Vreid gitt ut sitt sterkaste  album nokon sinne, laga film, lansert 3 typar  Vreid øl og fått logoen sin på draktene til Sogndal fotball. Men no er Sognametal brigaden klare for det dei kan alle beste, levere forrykande konsertar. 

Djerv-leiren er optimismen nå på topp og energien tilbake etter et år i dvale. Nå er de klare for noen eksklusive konserter sammen med sine venner i Vreid og TNDC der det både blir nye og gamle låter. Etter comebacket 2019 har fokuset vært på nytt materiell, og i fjor fikk vi en smakebit på dette med låtene «Throne» og «(We Don´t) Hang No More». I tillegg tar Agnete med seg noen gamle klassikere som «Bundy» og «Get Jinxed» så her blir det full fest!

The New Death Cult var et av de mest spennende nye rockebandene som dukket opp i 2019, og både publikum og pressen lot seg imponere. Radio Rock gav dem tung rotasjon og The Guardian hadde dem bl.a. på sin anerkjente top 50 artister å følge med på for 2020! I 2021 er det endelig klart for nytt materiell, og de kommer til å levere en forrykende åpning på kvelden i høst!

Vreid´s Movie WILD NORTH WEST!

Avaliable until midnight Cet Sunday May 2nd. Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/vreidofficial/videos/297349351995688

Thanks for all the massive response. We celebreate todays release of Wild North West by keeping the stream of the movie open until Midnight Cet Sunday May 2nd. Share it it and watch it as much as you like during this weekend.

WILD NORTH WEST Out Today on Season of Mist.
«Album of the Month» – Scream Magazine
«One of 2021s best records» – Metal Insider
«Review of the Month» – Decibel Magazine
10/10 MetalHead
5/5 United Rock Nation
5/5 Curatel Del Metal
5,5/6 Metallian
5/6 Norway Rock Mag
9,3/10 Dargedik
9/10 Rock Tribune
9/10 La Grosse
9/10 Lords of Metal
9/10 Metal View
9/10 Metal.De
9/10 HeavyMusicBlog
9/10 Zephyres Odem
4/5 Metal Hammer PT
4/5 Stormbringer


This thursday its happening. We unleash our new album in the form of a movie. Its been an extrem journey to create this project, and it is something completley different. We hope you will enjoy it. You can watch it on Facebook Live and Youtube Live. Here is the link to the official Facebook event for the streaming. Attend it and invite all your friends to join in.


The whole session will last for 80 minutes including a 25 warm up session with a mini-documentary, interviews and more. The movie is free to watch, but we very much appricate if you support this project by a donation of your choice. Donations is open and can be done by Paypal: paypal.me/vreidoffical or Vipps: 103006

Spread the word and welcome to the Wild North West.

Into the Mountains – video

New track “Into the Mountains”, featuring Valfar’s (WINDIR) original keyboard recordings.

The song “Into the Mountains” is a homage to the Sognametal spirit and legacy. The ideas for that track were written in 2002 by Jarle ‘Hváll’ Kvåle and Terje ‘Valfar’ Bakken (WINDIR). Inspired by these ideas, Hváll wrote the song and included the original demo keyboard tracks from 2002, recorded back then by Valfar.

VREID songwriter and bass player Jarle Hváll Kvåle comments: “Into the Mountains is the essence of Sognametal, a hymn to Sogndal and a celebration of our ancestors and legacy. Late winter 2020 preparing for the new album, I went through my old recording hard discs and I found some old ideas for riffs that I had made in 2002. It was from a session between the ‘1184’ and ‘Likferd’ albums from WINDIR. I also found some unused keyboard parts recorded by Valfar from the same period. I could not remember these and became euphoric by rediscovering this. So, I blocked out the outside world, locked myself in the studio, and it instantly sent me 20 years back in time. I felt spellbound while working on this song. For a few days it felt like me and Valfar were working together in the studio again, and what a weird and fantastic session it was. The dynamic of working together with Valfar is something that I will always miss, and these strange days it felt like journeying into a lost time. The result of this session is “Into the Mountains”, a song that feels so pure, fresh and vital for us, yet with a great homage to our olden times. Life is a strange and curvy road.”

VREID’s new album and movie project ‘Wild North West’ will be released on April 30th.

Vreid and Sogndal Football

Vreid have teamed up with Sogndal Fotball for a unique cooperation. The Norwegian team will be sporting the logo of the black ‘n rollers on their kits in the upcoming season!

The concept of a football club choosing to use the space to pay tribute to local heroes is very unusual, breaking typical partnership traditions, but Sogndal is no ordinary club. The collaboration oozes local patriotism as it champions two of the region’s prime exports – football and metal. In addition, head coach and former professional player Eirik Bakke (Leeds United) has himself played football with members of VREID, bringing this collaboration full circle.

“Having our logo on the chest on Sogndal football’s kit is an honor that is very rare,” VREID bassist Jarle ‘Hvall’ Kvåle pridefully exclaims. “This football club has been hammered into our hearts since growing up. This is the club that was our whole childhood and youth, and it is with favorite teams as with favorite bands, it is love for life.”

“That Sogndal Football incorporates VREID in its value in such a way shows the will, madness, fearlessness and pride that has built this club. Since the 1970s, these pioneers with enormous courage have built a national top club in this beautiful mountain village, and it is wonderful to see that the club is characterized by tenants, staff, players, partners and the public with a passion for the team and their hometown. The eternal underdog who constantly does the unnatural. We are extremely proud to be part of the journey of our childhood friend and Sogndal’s legend Eirik. Stao no pao!”

Proud head coach and former Leeds United player Eirik Bakke adds: “Incredible fun that my childhood friends Jarle, Einar and Jørn together with the rest of the gang in VREID will be presented on our uniform. What they have achieved with their band is just absolutely fantastic. I myself have been out in the big world and played football in front of tens of thousands of supporters, and that they now do the same with their music makes us Sogndøler proud. This year we will go all the way with VREID on the team. Stao no Pao.”

Wild North West movie stream

Here its is. Finaly we can present what we been working on the last year. On 29th of April (9PM CET) we will premiere our movie “Wild North West” on a streaming event. Below is the link to the official event. Click on the event to attend and you will find all the info on how to see it and support Vreid on April 29th.


Spread the word and invite all your friends to this event.

Premiere new song and video for “Spikes of God”

Norwegian Black ‘n Roll brigade VREID are now premiering a brand new song from their upcoming record ‘Wild North West’. The song “Spikes of God” is streaming here, in the form of a music video. The music video is also a chapter of the band’s unique and ambitious movie project ‘Wild North West’.

‘Wild North West’ is a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Throughout eight chapters the listener will be taken on a journey deep into the mountains, to a dark place where the borders between reality and fantasy fade and where death is only one step behind you: The Wild North West.

‘Wild North West’ will be released on April 30th via Season of Mist in various formats. Pre-orders are available here.

Eksklusiv førpremiere på kino i Sogndal

Me er svært stolte av å kunne annonere at me vil ha ein førpremiere på vår nye film “Wild North West” i storsalen på Sogndal Kulturhus fredag 23. April. Albumet og filmen kjem ut 30.April, og dette blir ein unik sjanse til å sjå vårt nye prosjekt på det store lerretet heima i Sogndal. Det vil bli intervju med Vreid og produsent Håvard Nesbø før framvisninga der ein snakkar om dette unike prosjektet som er filma i sin heilheit i Sogn. Billettar til salgs her:


NB: Det er begrensa antall billettar i henhold til koronarestriksjonar. Skulle det ikkje være mogleg å gjera visninga på gjeldande dato, vil billettar sjølvsagt væra gjeldande på ny dato eller kan refunderast. Så det er ingen grunn til å venta. Sikra deg billett og bli med oss på denne festkvelden heime i Sogndal.

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